Cordula Kafka
Lighting behind the image, provides light and mood within a space.

Copper panel wall light - Creates mood in a space, warmth with the color of the copper shining out into the space.

Angle Torn Wall Lighting

Designer - Fredrik Farq
Looks like the wall is peeling away to light that is behind the wall. clever and a piece of art in its self.

Eco Lighting - Energy

Natural light tubular system that allows natural light to travel down the tubing into the dark space. I have used these right at the back of my cube where light may not reach, this is also where the staircase is and all of the books, so this area will need to be lit to a high standard during the daytime when the client is at work.

This wall light really shows off the detail of the bamboo, i would like to create a light that shows off the details of bamboo weaving, by locating a light behind it.

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