Cantilevered staircase detail, describing how the step connects to the wall and stand freely with no other support.


A robust steel structural system buried into the stone tread and walls.

Pivot door hinge detail. 

This is a detail of a pivot door hinge, which is what I am using in my cube design, because the door is so heavy and large, a pivot door hinge is the only thing that will hold its weight.

This is the only detail that I could find, and struggled to make out exactly how it worked, I learned a lo from this, but could not impose it into my design.

Other ways for a pivot door to work.

These doors open and close on a track, providing a smooth sliding opening and closing process. However I do not know how I would include the tracks inside my cube, It does not really save space this way, so I have decided to use a hinge instead.

A robust steel structure 

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